We are developers

10 years of experience developing.

About us

We are a team with over 10 years of experience developing everything from MVPs for startups to complex and scalable applications prepared for high traffic.

We are Agile, working remotely for clients mainly in USA and Canada. We enjoy doing Test Driven Development and work inside the Continuous Integration paradigm. We like to stay on top of new technologies and connected to our community.

Why us?

Build your product.

Our Kindalab team encourages cross-functional collaboration at every step of our process. This includes strategic planning, research, user flows, system testing and deployment while clearly communicating milestones achieved along the way. This ensures high quality tech applications are built quickly and efficiently from front to back.

Scale fast and easy.

Great products need great front and back end development foundations. Our senior development team has a proven record of successfully working with both startups and large scale companies. Whether you are looking for a team to build your MVP, help assist with a technical sprint, or a full build of your app and website applications - we are the team for you.